#MaeYoungClassic Competitors’ PWT Stores List

WWE’s historic Mae Young Classic is a massive deal. 32 women from across the globe come together under the bright lights of wrestling’s biggest brand. It is so, so, so very important. I think of little girls who grew up watching Vince McMahon make Trish Stratus strip and bark like a dog. I think of little girls who grew up seeing bras-and-panties matches as the best womens wrestling had to offer.

Then I think of little girls who get to grow up with the Mae Young Classic in existence, where the focus is on the talent and what they can do in the ring. I teared up* watching the tournament’s Parade of Champions when I saw the little girls in attendance, and I couldn’t stop thinking: This is what they get to see. 

Again, the Mae Young Classic is so important.

*To be fair, I haven’t stopped tearing up. Like 10 minutes every episode.

What is also important is showing support for women’s wrestling and the competitors themselves. I’ll list below the Pro Wrestling Tees stores of the MYC contestants who have them, so they’re all in one place. A percentage of all T-shirt sales from their stores go directly to the women.


Two things to note:

-PWT is having an upcoming Labor Day 2017 sale if you’d like to support the ladies who captured your fandom while also saving a few (young) bucks.

-These are listed in no particular order and some are probably accidentally forgotten. If I forgot someone, chances are I couldn’t find it at first glance and meant to go back and dig harder.  Just let me know and I will swiftly and happily add.


Santana Garrett: 

Evie/Dakota Kai:

Rachael Ellering: 

Tessa Blanchard:

Shayna Baszler: 

Toni Storm: 

Candice Wrestling: 

Kimber Lee: (now Abbey Laith)

Marti Belle: 

Nicole Savoy: 

Crazy Mary Dobson: (now Sarah Logan)

Kay Lee Ray: 

Ayesha Raymond: 

Piper Niven: 

Mia Yim: 

And! Don’t forget, WWE is selling Mae Young Classic shirts. Tell ’em with your viewership and your wallet if you so choose to.

Happy MYC streaming!

Kill it, ladies.