“From Baltimore, Maryland….” hi, I’m Caitlyn.

I became a wrestling fan in 2014 and I attribute it strictly to Total Divas and The Shield. Wrestling makes me emotional. Watching Daniel Bryan watch the crowd doing the YES! Chant and Bayley’s reveal as Sasha’s tag team partner at Battleground 2016 are two of my favorite things. I believe nobody is ready for Asuka and I am on team #ForeverTheRevival.

I like barre classes, dogs, listening to podcasts and I do mean it when I say I like going for long walks. I work in social media at a tools and accessories company where I have explained my Southpaw Regional Wrestling mug at least thirty times. My days consist of staring at power tools, wondering what the hell it is and how to talk about it in 140 characters. It’s fun and my co-workers have cool stuff like chainsaws on their desks.

The Shining Wizard is my favorite wrestling move name and I love Harry Potter, so…here we are and here you are.

I used to contribute at Cageside Seats but now I’m a solo act in a “this is just for fun” venture. So, let’s have fun.