Charlotte Flair shares sweet story of Ric’s fatherly concern mid-match

A few months ago, Charlotte Flair was a guest on E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness (highly recommend). She had a fantastic conversation with Edge & Christian, but one of my favorite parts was the Ric Flair stories. It was clearly a conversation between 3 people who’ve known each other a long time and were trading stories about this guy they all knew and loved. It was very ‘Oh that Ric!‘ 

Charlotte talked about how Ric as her manager was very sink-or-swim for her as a performer, commenting “It’s easy to let Ric Flair steal your spotlight every night walking to the ring. I thought about that every night, like ‘oh man this is not going to go well. He’s going to go rogue, I don’t know! I would look over and he would be randomly woo’ing and I would be like ‘why are you woo’ing? It’s not the time to woo!”


“Going rogue” could also mean quickly switching from Nature Boy to dad. I think this is a Natalya match Charlotte is talking about here:

“There was one time, I had a pay-per-view match, I needed him to take off the turnbuckle pad for the finish. But leading up to that, I was supposed to eat the post. So I’m selling on the outside, and he walks around and he’s like ‘Honey! Are you okay?’ And I’m like ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You’re supposed to be taking off the turnbuckle for the finish right now!’ I was so mad. I was screaming at him. I’m like ‘Dad, go!’ I’d already been on the outside for more than 10 seconds, I don’t even know what he was doing. He’s like ‘Oh I thought you were injured!’

Charlotte’s theory? “He forgot to take off the turnbuckle,” while Edge & Christian joked he was trying to “come over and get the spot.”

Edge had the honor of being in Ric’s first ladders match and he shared his own example of Ric going rogue.

“I think I slammed him or I suplexed him, and I was like ‘Ok Ric! Just stay!’  And I went up on the ladder and I looked and he was all the way across the ring. Now I’m on the top of the ladder and I went ‘Aw shit, now what do I do?’ So I tried to do a flying dropkick off of a ladder with nothing to base it, and reached as far as I could, and like barely clipped his shoulder. I landed and I went ‘Oh God that hurt’ and ‘that probably looked like shit.’ But he completely saved it because he did his face bump. He went rogue!”

Continued best wishes to Ric Flair, Charlotte and their entire family as he recovers from surgery. Latest update at time of posting here.


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