Naomi was initially told she was “too athletic”

Naomi has been with the WWE since 2009 and it has been a long road filled with struggles to find her place. With a SummerSlam title defense looming, she finally made her Talk is Jericho debut. Naomi and Jericho had a great conversation about her journey, including a fun bit where she and Y2J discuss their similar glow gimmicks and the pitfalls of glowing all the time. However it doesn’t sound like her glow gear costs anywhere as much as Y2J’s infamous $15,000 jacket.

In one of the most interesting parts, she talked about how she experienced both worlds: joining the company around the tail end of the “divas” era then the beginning of the women’s revolution. She says:

“We would get short matches, all of us girls back then, always kind of pushing and trying and wanting and asking for more, just never really … it wasn’t the time. I remember being told like ‘That’s too athletic, like, they don’t want the girls wrestling like the guys.’ I was specifically told that, like ‘you’re too athletic,  you need to bring it down, they don’t want the girls punching each other in the face. Pull hair, do girl stuff, catfight, stuff like that.’ So when I saw, like, what was going on in NXT with the revolution and those girls came up who just, who could GO, and who were so talented, I was like ‘hell yeah! This is what we want to show! We’re more than just beauty and brains. We can kick ass too, you know? So that was really exciting. I was excited for the opportunity to be on their level.”

Jericho comments how he had heard that about the “too athletic” stuff before and “it’s such a weird thing to hear in this day and age.”

It’s funny to read that back now, as WWE commentary now proudly tells us how athletic Naomi is. Glad she pressed on and the company came around to switching their viewpoint on womens wrestling.  They couldn’t stop her glow!

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